Lehigh Valley Greenways

THE LINK Trail Network

Lehigh Valley Greenways - THE LINK Trail Network

Outdoor recreation and trail connections is one of the four goals of Lehigh Valley Greenways. Since 2004, Greenways partners have assisted with construction of 56 miles of trails across Lehigh and Northampton Counties. Overall, the Lehigh Valley region contains over 330 miles of land and water trails for residents and visitors to enjoy.

On November 1, 2018, the Lehigh Valley trail network was officially announced as THE LINK, an interconnected network of safe, beautiful multi-use trails offering Lehigh Valley residents and visitors the opportunity for year-round outdoor recreation, transportation, and healthy living.

Over the next few months, a full website with trail details, maps, trip ideas, and partner links will be developed to provide a central place for Lehigh Valley trail information. THE LINK does not replace the name or brand of individual trails – it is meant to build support and funding for the entire network through connections.

We are asking that trails interested in being officially promoted as part of THE LINK fill out this form to provide accurate information about their trail for the new website.

Instructions: There is a save button at the bottom of the link if you are unable to finish the form. We recommend that you type out all of the information into a word document and save that on your computer. Then you can copy and paste the information into the form. If you have any questions call Claire Sadler at 610-923-3548 x 226